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Blue-fronted Redstart
Blue-fronted Redstart
-Satyendra Sharma
Crested Bunting
Crested Bunting
-Satyendra Sharma
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Katarniaghat WS


Birds of Katarniaghat Wildlife Sanctuary, Uttar Pradesh
by Dhananjai Mohan. August 2003


The following is the list of birds reported from Katarniaghat Bird Sanctuary, Uttar Pradesh, India. The names of the birds follow ‘An Annotated Checklist of birds of the Oriental Region (Inskipp et al. 1996)’. The habitats where the birds are usually seen follow the names. The key to the Habitats is as follows:

F : Forests
G : Grasslands
S : Swamp
R : Riverine (only includes the Girwa river and main tributaries)
W : Wetlands

Sl. No. Name Habitat

1. Black Francolin G
2. Grey Francolin G
3. Swamp Francolin S
4. Common Quail G
5. Rain Quail G, S
6. Jungle Bush Quail F, G
7. Red Junglefowl F
8. Indian Peafowl F, G
9. Greylag Goose R, W
10. Bar-Headed Goose R, W
11. Lesser Whistling-Duck R, W
12. Ruddy Shelduck R, W
13. Comb Duck R, W
14. Cotton Pygmy-Goose R, W
15. Gadwall R, W
16. Eurasian Wigeon R, W
17. Mallard R, W
18. Spot-Billed Duck R, W
19. Common Teal R, W
20. Garganey R, W
21. Northern Pintail R, W
22. Northern Shoveler R, W
23. Red-Crested Pochard R, W
24. Common Pochard R, W
25. Ferruginous Pochard R, W
26. Tufted Duck R, W
27. Eurasian Wryneck G
28. Rufous Woodpecker F
29. Brown-Capped Pygmy Woodpecker F
30. Grey-Capped Pygmy Woodpecker F
31. Yellow-Crowned Woodpecker F, G
32. Lesser Yellownape F
33. Streak-Throated Woodpecker F
34. Common Flameback F, G
35. White-Naped Woodpecker F, G
36. Brown-Headed Barbet F, G
37. Coppersmith Barbet F, G
38. Indian Grey Hornbill F, G
39. Oriental Pied Hornbill F
40. Common Hoopoe F, G
41. Indian Roller G
42. Common Kingfisher R, W
43. Stork-Billed Kingfisher R, W
44. White-Throated Kingfisher R, W, F, G
45. Pied Kingfisher R, W
46. Green Bee-Eater F, G
47. Blue-Tailed Bee-Eater R, W, G
48. Chestnut-Headed Bee-Eater F, G
49. Pied Cuckoo F, G
50. Common Hawk Cuckoo F, G
51. Indian Cuckoo F, G
52. Eurasian Cuckoo F, G
53. Plaintive Cuckoo G
54. Asian Koel F, G
55. Green-Billed Malkoha F
56. Sirkeer Malkoha G
57. Greater Coucal F, G
58. Lesser Coucal G
59. Alexandrine Parakeet F
60. Rose-Ringed Parakeet F, G
61. Plum-Headed Parakeet F, G
62. House Swift G
63. Crested Treeswift F
64. Barn Owl F, G
65. Collared Scops Owl F, G
66. Eurasian Eagle Owl G
67. Brown Fish Owl F, G
68. Jungle Owlet F, G
69. Spotted Owlet F, G
70. Brown Hawk Owl F, G
71. Large-Tailed Nightjar F, G
72. Savanna Nightjar G
73. Rock Pigeon F, G
74. Oriental Turtle Dove G
75. Laughing dove G
76. Spotted Dove F, G
77. Red Collared Dove G
78. Eurasian Collared Dove G
79. Emerald Dove F, G
80. Orange-Breasted Green Pigeon F
81. Yellow-Footed Green Pigeon F, G
82. Bengal Florican? G
83. Sarus Crane W
84. White-Breasted Waterhen R, W
85. Purple Swamphen W
86. Common Moorthen R, W
87. Common Coot R, W
88. Pintail Snipe S
89. Black-Tailed Godwit R, W
90. Eurasian Curlew R
91. Common Redshank R, W
92. Marsh Sandpiper R, W
93. Common Greenshank R, W
94. Green Sandpiper R, W
95. Wood Sandpiper R, W
96. Common Sandpiper R, W
97. Little Stint R
98. Temminck’s Stint R
99. Ruff R
100. Eurasian Thick-Knee W, G
101. Black-Winged Stilt R, W
102. Pied Avocet R
103. Pheasant-Tailed Jacana R, W, S
104. Bronze-Winged Jacana R, W, S
105. Great Thick-Knee R
106. Small Pratincole R
107. Pacific Golden Plover R
108. Grey Plover R
109. Little Ringed Plover R, W
110. Kentish Plover R
111. Yellow-Wattled Lapwing G
112. River Lapwing R
113. Red-Wattled Lapwing R, W, G
114. Yellow-Legged Gull R
115. Gull-Billed Tern R
116. River Tern R
117. Black-Bellied Tern R
118. Whiskered Tern R
119. Indian Skimmer R
120. Osprey R
121. Black-Shouldered Kite G
122. Black Kite F, G
123. Brahminy Kite R
124. Pallas’s Fish Eagle R
125. Grey-Headed Fish Eagle R
126. Egyptian Vulture G
127. White-Rumped Vulture G, F
128. Long-Billed Vulture G, F
129. Red-Headed Vulture G, F
130. Crested Serpent Eagle G, F
131. Eurasian Marsh Harrier W, S
132. Shikra G, F
133. Besra G, F
134. Oriental honey-Buzzard G, F
135. White-Eyed Buzzard G
136. Greater Spotted Eagle G, W
137. Changeable Hawk Eagle G, F
138. Common Kestrel G
139. Little Grebe W, R
140. Great Crested Grebe R
141. Darter W, R
142. Little Cormorant W, R
143. Great Cormorant W, R
144. Little Egret W, R, S
145. Great Egret W, R, S
146. Intermediate Egret W, R, S
147. Cattle Egret W, R, S, G, F
148. Indian Pond Heron W, R, S
149. Grey Heron W, R, S
150. Purple Heron W, R, S
151. Black-Crowned Night Heron W, R, S
152. Cinnamon Bittern W, S
153. Black Bittern W, S
154. Black-Headed Ibis W, R
155. Black Ibis W, R, S
156. Eurasian Spoonbill W, R
157. Painted Stork W, R, S
158. Asian Openbill W, R, S
159. Woolly-Necked Stork W, R, S, G
160. Black Stork W
161. Black-Necked Stork W, R
162. Lesser Adjutant W, R, S
163. Indian Pitta F
164. Golden-Fronted Leafbird F
165. Bay-Backed Shrike G
166. Long-Tailed Shrike G, F
167. Rufous Treepie G, F
168. House Crow G
169. Large-Billed Crow G, F
170. Eurasian Golden Oriole G, F
171. Black-Hooded Oriole G, F
172. Large Cuckooshrike G, F
173. Small Minivet G, F
174. Long-Tailed Minivet F
175. Scarlet Minivet F
176. White-Throated Fantail F
177. White-Browed Fantail F
178. Black Drongo G, F
179. Ashy Drongo F
180. Crow-Billed Drongo F
181. Lesser Racket-Tailed Drongo F
182. Spangled Drongo F
183. Greater Racket-Tailed Drongo F
184. Asian Paradise-Flycatcher F
185. Common Iora F
186. Common Woodshrike F
187. Orange-Headed Thrush F
188. Tickell’s Blue Flycatcher F
189. Grey-Headed Canary Flycatcher F
190. Bluethroat W, S
191. Oriental Magpie Robin G, F
192. White-Rumped Shama F
193. Indian Robin G
194. Black Redstart G
195. Common Stronechat G
196. White-Tailed Stonechat G (R)
197. Pied Bushchat G, F
198. Grey Bushchat G
199. Chestnut-Tailed Starling G, F
200. Brahminy Starling G
201. Common Myna G, F
202. Jungle Myna F
203. Chestnut-Bellied Nuthatch F
204. Velvet-Fronted Nuthatch F
205. Great Tit F
206. Plain Martin R
207. Dusky Crag Martin F
208. Barn Swallow G, W
209. Wire-Tailed Swallow F, G
210. Red-Rumped Swallow G, W
211. Streak-Throated Swallow W, R
212. Red-Whiskered Bulbul G, F
213. Red-Vented Bulbul G, F
214. Grey-Breasted Prinia F, G
215. Jungle Prinia G
216. Graceful Prinia R
217. Plain Prinia G
218. Ashy Prinia G
219. Zitting Cisticola G
220. Oriental White-Eye F, G
221. Blyth’s Reed Warbler F, G
222. Striated Grassbird S
223. Lesser Whitethroat G, F
224. Orphean Warbler G
225. Common Tailorbird F, G
226. Hume’s Warbler F
227. Greenish Warbler F
228. Western Crowned Warbler F
229. Grey-Hooded Warbler F
230. Chestnut-Capped Babbler S
231. Yellow-Eyed Babbler F, G
232. Common Babbler G
233. Striated Babbler G, R
234. Large Grey Babbler G
235. Jungle Babbler F, G
236. Rufous-Winged Bushlark G
237. Ashy-Crowned Sparrow Lark G
238. Crested Lark G
239. Thick-Billed Flowerpecker F
240. Pale-Billed Flowerpecker F
241. Purple Sunbird F, G
242. Crimson Sunbird F
243. House Sparrow G
244. Chestnut-Shouldered Petronia F
245. White Wagtail G, W, R
246. White-Browed Wagtail W, R
247. Citrine Wagtail W, R
248. Yellow Wagtail W, R
249. Grey Wagtail F, G, R
250. Paddyfield Pipit G
251. Olive-Backed Pipit G
252. Black-Breasted Weaver G, W
253. Streaked Weaver G, W
254. Baya Weaver G, W
255. Red Avadavat G, W
256. Indian Silverbill G
257. Scaly-Breasted Munia F, G
258. Common Rosefinch F, G